We are planning a world tour with our children (6 ½ and 8 ½  years’ old) for beginning 2013. Our objective is to go and meet children in their school in the countries we will be visiting. We are working on an educational project which aim is to develop the cultural exchanges between the schools in the world and the schools in Marseilles where we live.

We are looking for schools that would be interested in this project, so we could come and see the pupils and propose in the classrooms :

  • To discover the city of Marseilles, especially through art, and a constructive parallel between the art forms of the countries : video support and pictures ;
  • To discover how a school works out : video support and pictures ;
  • To learn a few words in french and english through games and songs ;
  • To establish a correspondence with a school in Marseilles : sending personal items, postcards, pictures, drawings, little texts in their own language or in english... whatever the children want.